Lead a Retreat

Many yoga teachers get stopped in their tracks when thinking about leading a retreats because they either are confused about where to start and/or the enormous amount of work that goes into setting them up and seeing them through is overwhelming.

This is where I come in! I offer teachers complete and total support from the initial idea of a retreat all the way until the very end. What does that mean for you? You get to show up and provide the best experience for your students possible without getting boggled down by any of the nitty gritty details. 

I’ve learned A LOT over the years about what goes in to creating successful and thriving retreats and I’ve also surprised myself with LOVING the work that goes into it. I also love working with teachers to give them every ounce of support that they need so they can simply be EXCITED without stressing out about the details.

YOU can lead the retreat of you and your students’ dreams and leave the rest to me. I work with first time and seasoned retreat leaders and am available to offer as much or as little coaching depending on experience levels and desired needs. 

What you can expect from me when we work together:

  • Complete support from beginning to end
  • Finding the perfect retreat venue
  • All communication with the retreat venue
  • All communication with participants
  • A personalized webpage for students to sign up and make payments
  • Marketing material (sent directly to you)
  • Advertising across multiple platforms
  • Providing and processing legal documents
  • Setting up shuttles/airport transfers
  • Help with retreat itinerary
  • Keeping an eye on payment deadlines and collecting payments
  • Transferring money/wire transfers to retreat venues
  • Keeping an eye on flights
  • Setting up excursions and transportation
  • Providing a means of communication for the group while on the retreat
  • Offering any and all support and coaching for the retreat leader throughout the planning process and while on the retreat⁣⁣

Optional add-ons include: 

  • *chaperone service: with yours truly to make sure you feel fully supported to remain in your zone of genius
  • gift bag set up: students love to receive these, I can get everything together and send it to you so you don’t have to worry about it
  • photographer/videographer: to capture every special moment
  • live DJ: this is a fun and unique touch that hardly any retreats have

Set up a free consultation call with me today and we’ll turn your dream into a reality.