It’s January and I’ve just returned home from a couple weeks in Costa Rica. My first thought getting off the plane here in Denver was, “fuck it’s cold”. And I’m not the only one complaining about it. I can’t have an interaction with someone these days without them first complaining about the temperature.

THIS is why Fall/Winter is the BEST time to lead a retreat. Everyone is miserable between dealing with the time change, the lack of light and the overall feeling of discomfort with freezing temperatures.

It takes around a year to plan a successful and thriving retreat, the kind of retreat that can make you five-figures. The amount of money a teacher can make in a week (while in paradise no less) is enough to change the course of their lives and there is a ton of planning and consistent dedication to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Planning retreats and taking care of the details is what I love to do and I love to show teachers what’s possible for them. When I work with teachers, I help create the retreat of their dreams and create an experience that their students will never forget. So many teachers never take the plunge with retreats because they don’t know where to start and/or they don’t want to take on the work to make it happen and that’s too bad because they’re MISSING OUT. On money. On adventure and travel. On building their brand. On connecting with their students.

Reach out to me at erin@panacearetreats.co to set up a discovery call to discuss what your 2022 retreat looks like for you. Allow me to take care of the details from beginning to end so all you need to do is show up, teach and make money. It’s really that easy. Can’t wait to connect with you.